Develop an 8 to 12 slide Voice-Thread (VT) PowerPoint Presentation

Develop an 8 to 12 slide Voice-Thread (VT) PowerPoint Presentation on your selected topic that does not exceed 20 minutes for the entire presentation. Selected examples include: • Application of HIT in the delivery of safe patient care • CPOE and clinical decision support systems • Benefits and barriers of HIT • HIT related to quality improvement • Impact of HIT on nurse-patient relationship The RN to BSN Program has seven Program Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s). Although the SLO’s are interrelated and impact all courses in the RN to BSN Program, the following SLO is directly related to the objectives in Nursing 4345: Utilize informatics to enhance patient safety, manage knowledge and information, make decisions, and communicate more effectively. A portion of the Module C PowerPoint assignment requires you to integrate this SLO into your presentation. The instructions custom essay writing service can also be found in the Mod C tab.Please refer to VT PowerPoint Presentation grading rubric located in Module C.The VTPowerPoint Presentation should include the following:A.Title slide and Introductiona. Name of the studentb.“Creative” title of the presentationIntroduction Spring 2019 Page 2of 2NURS4345Module CHealthcare Information Technologyc.Topic of interestd.Overview of the topice.Why you selected this topicB.Impact: From your research identify and substantiate four areas related to your topic that have beenor will beimpacted byHIT. One of these areas of impact must be related to the nurse patient relationship.C.Challenges: From your research identify and discuss four challenges that professionalnurseshave encountered or will encounter related to your topic.D.Application to Practice: How will you enhance patient safety, make decisions, and communicate more effectively using the topic of your presentation as a framework? E.SummaryF.Evidence: Topic is supported by three or more scholarly referencesG.Scholarly Presentation/FormattingUse of bulletsCreativity, visually appealing H.APA Style Citations/ReferencelistI.Communication Skills: Communication skills includeeffective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication. Oral presentation includesclear voice, enthusiasm, correct and precise pronunciation of words and grammar and confidence

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