Taking the Organizational Pulse

1) Read: Taking the Organizational Pulse (p. 82 – 296) The Heart of Performance (p. 297 – 311) During your reading, additional time should be spent on gaining an understanding of the following terms: mission statement, values, and organizational intelligence. 2) Prepare a reflection paper of approximately 600 words TWO FULL PAGES evaluating your organization’s established mission statement. If your particular organization does not have a mission statement, you can discuss the positive and negative implications that result from not having a statement. The questions to be answered are rudimentary, does it represent the organization? Does it illuminate values as being an intricate part of the organization? How does it or does not truly represent the principles of its personnel? You should remain objective in completing this written assignment and utilize your personal experience along with the assigned readings in presenting your thought. 3) Last page on both uploaded slides has the cover for any referencing.

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