Cyber Security Toolsets to Counter Threats to Emergency Management Systems

To some extent, “it takes a hacker, to catch a hacker”. There are a number of tools, applications, network monitoring services, and associated capabilities that Emergency Managers can use (for a price) to protect critical systems and infrastructure. An example of these types of toolsets available are network intrusion detection systems such as SNORT, which offers a robust capability that protects against unauthorized access. Alternatively, DHS offers a capability where asset owners (Public, Private, Commercial, etc.) can subscribe to a free service called the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) capability. This service gives asset owners the ability to share threat warnings and indicators, thus improving the overall security of critical systems and infrastructure.

In your role as an Emergency Manager, how would you select toolsets and applications to protect your mission critical systems and infrastructures? Would you take a “Government only solutions are acceptable” approach, a “commercial centric” approach, only use “freeware”, or implement a hybrid approach to protecting mission-critical systems and infrastructures? Fully explain your answers.

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